The sustainable development establishes an approach, a process of evolution, which meets the needs of the present without compromising the future.
In the contact of the nature, we work on it on everyday life!

Guillaman - Produit Bio

A new step was taken in 2017 with the certification of our winery as a Haute Valeur Environnementale (HVE) de niveau 3.

This environmental certification of farms meets the need clearly expressed in the work of the « Grenelle de l'environnement » to recognize farms engaged in particularly respectful approaches to the environment.
Level 3 reflects a level of excellence in the environmental performance of the farm; the specifications are strict and periodically checked by an independent certifying department approved by the Ministry of Agriculture. Level 3 is based on an obligation of results with indicators measuring the performance of the operation.

This certificative approach is only the formalization of the good environmental practices that we practice on a daily basis :

Our daily commitment translates into the production of « clean » vintages, which are free of any residue.

Each year, our different vintages are subjected to residue analyses of plant protection products, carried out by an accredited testing laboratory.

Alternative phyto strategy

For more 5 years, our winery use exclusively the containment technique for treatments. This allows, without dispersion in the environment, to reduce by nearly 50% the quantity of products used. Main issue of the Ecophyto plan.

We use more than 30% of biocontrol products and this figure is constantly increasing each vintage. Biocontrol is a set of plant protection methods based on the use of natural mechanisms.

To control a population of insect pests, we chose to use an alternative strategy to conventional chemical control and insecticides: sexual confusion.

Naturals fertilizers

Soil analyses and leaf diagnostics help quantify our needs.

Vine shoots are crushed on site to bring organic matter to the soil naturally.

100% of fertilizers to the vineyard are of organic origin.

Conservation of water resources

With a well-reasoned viticulture, the vine plant lives and produces without any need for additional water to the water of the rain. No part of our vineyard is irrigated.

Less than a liter of water is needed to produce a liter of wine packaged in our cellar (2018, based on the volume vinified).

We are independant to treat all wine rejection and we are controlled : 0 pollution.

Protection of biodiversity

60% of the vineyard is covered with permanent plants (natural meadow, alfalfa).

More than 15% of our vineyard is classified as ecological area of interest (trees, hedges, groves, fallow land).

We have preserved nearly 100 meters of hedges for every hectare of vines.

We will surpass these commitments in sustainable development by planting some 50 trees and more than 500 metres of local tree hedges on the edge of our vineyards each year.