In Dominique's view, it is with the vines that you create the potential for a wine and in the cellar that you work to find its best expression.
This is why with his team he undertakes a rigorous and daily monitoring routine that encompasses the greatest level of respect for the terroir, and how it influences the wines.
The methods they employ include :

  • mechanically turning the soil,
  • leaving grass only on alternative rows,
  • pruning and removing bunches of grapes as necessary to manage the yield,
  • the removal of surplus leaves to ensure an optimal exposure of the grapes to the sun,
  • and the monitoring of each parcel of land and of each variety as they ripen, to maximise its flavours.

The winery is at the fore front at the technology :

  • Solar panels producing most of our energy needs.
  • Grape pressing takes place without any oxygen contact to preserve aroma.
  • Filtration is done without adding product and without waste.
  • We do not add any product to conserve wine, very few sulfites are added.
  • Wines before bottling are kept on vat under 6°C

Bottling is done on the domaine with our own machines.

Storage cellar for 100 000 bottles is temperature controlled.

One week order/shipping turnaround.

Our bottling